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When aligning your vehicle chassis, turn to C & G Auto Repair in

Philadelphia. We provide the highest quality in wheel alignment service to extend the life of your tires and ensure better handling on the road. Whether it is a simple adjustment or your wheels require repairs from potholes, C & G can get your vehicle going straight again.

John Bean, the inventor of Wheel Alignment equipment, we are proud to offer this level of accuracy and dependability to our customers. John Bean's patented constant camera calibration ensures accurate readings and reliable alignment results every time! John Bean Equipment allows us to offer you analysis of your vehicle beyond just wheel angles. John Bean is the only equipment available that measures your tire size during the process and also checks the cross diagonal measurement of your chassis to reveal possible hidden frame damage.


Does your car have the shakes? No problem with John Bean Wheel Equipment

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Customer complaints about ride quality continue to be among the top reasons for vehicle service. Most complaints are related to not just tire balance but tire installation related to RFV... Radial Force Variation.

C & G Auto Repair remains at the top when it comes to having the right equipment to handle the issues that other shops can’t!  With the new addition of the John Bean BFH 1000 Total Wheel Ride Solution Balancer, we assure not only can your tires be balanced properly but identify and correct the issues between the wheel rim and tire that cause ride quality complaints. We also offer Match Mounting as an additional service for those customers that want the OPTIMUM in wheel tire performance and comfort. 

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